accidental cupid

    Donald knew he could make anyone fall in love with anyone. That was how Andrew and June got together last Christmas, why Tom and Viv were honeymooning in New Zealand. Same reason Hak Seng and Sarah expected their second kid in June, why Danial's suitcase was in Ching Lee's hallway between the bedroom and the front door, the lights turned down, while Laksmi wept her eyes out in a bedroom strewed with broken glass and shirts. He never quite figure out how he got the knack, but there it was. Inside 24 hours, they would get together, regardless of what separated them - distance, class, race, sexual preference (Was it David's gym-instructor boyfriend or lawyer-lover who stumbled on him necking with Joy, the HealthWorld receptionist behind the newly delivered vending machines?). A handshake became a psychological weapon; an affectionate pat on the shoulder, an act of sabotage. A polite peck on the cheek, even without the least exchange of bodily fluids, was enough to be infectious. A glance in the same direction. A careless smile. A word.

04 March 2003   17:45 hours
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