how like you this?

    "Therewithall sweetly did me kiss / and softly said, "dear heart, how like you this?"
    -- Sir Thomas Wyatt.

    I made your favourite bedtime beverage,
    did all the laundry, sorted out the mail,
    mopped the kitchen, cleaned the hamster cage,
    scrubbed the microwave and didn't fail
    to put the seat up. I emptied the pail
    of suds into the loo before I flushed.
    I screwed the cap back on after I brushed.
    Your breakfast for tomorrow's in a box
    beside your dry and folded black umbrella.
    I've double-latched and triple-checked the locks.
    I've laced the lamp with oil of citronella.
    I've programmed the new stereo to play Ella
    at just the right volume while we're in bed...
    What do you mean, you'd rather read instead?

14 November 2003   17:59 hours
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