(for H.M.)

    My taste would make true connoisseurs rebel:
    I pick my buy by looking at the label.
    The vintage and the name only confuse
    my unschooled senses; what could be refuse
    to the discerning, I embrace on instinct,
    even though the asking price renders distinct
    what's plonk and what is not. One might contest
    elitist differentiation; my sole protest
    is how some critics seem to value breed;
    what they read is what they've always read.
    No need, I say, to keep the gig exclusive;
    for time in all things makes the fairest reckon:
    which wines to palate purest pleasures give,
    which lines entice most lovers to drink on.

19 November 2003   11:13 hours
how like you this? { } for S.H. vs G.B., 5000 years hence