an early valentine's, 12 years late

    I've never been a fan of Valentines.
    You'd think a poet could compose a card:
    I've tried to rhyme; I'm honestly no good
    at it. I'd buy you chocolates, but we eat
    a giant bar each night while rushing papers.
    And flowers make you sneeze. Perhaps I should
    attempt some glorious death-defying feat...
    but I see you've kept a list of vetoed capers.
    Love-letters make you laugh. Dinner? I fear
    I'm not much of a gourmet chef, my dear.
    But come, this day has better use than prove
    that nothing's worth the weight (and wait) of love --
    So here's a joy you're meant to soon discard:
    Sit down with me. Let's share these clementines.

29 January 2004   11:04 hours
so many ways our fathers mark us { } hot