Just felt like a lot of fireworks, he said.
    As if that weren't enough. I'm ace in bed,
    I know that much -- it's why I get the looks,
    the moves, the morning-after calls. I take
    my pills on time. I read the books.
    I frequent the gym. I'm yoga-trained.
    I moisturise each night and when I wake
    I limber up. At meal-times I've refrained
    from fat. It's worked, too -- I feel like a star.
    Yes, hot and bright and distant, he would say.
    Some men are hard to please. I've come too far
    to deal with shit like that -- do it my way
    or hit the highway, love. Good thing you're not
    like him. Now let me show you what I've got.

29 January 2004   14:42 hours
an early valentine's, 12 years late { } faith