a civil servant preps his staff

    "In 2000, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong announced several measures, including the Children Development Co-Savings Scheme, or Baby Bonus, to address the issue of low fertility."

    I'll prep the meeting room; go find the budget.
    Slay all the sacred cows and seize the day:
    It's life and death you know, so let's not fudge it.

    Our side's been slacking; we shall have to nudge it,
    Before Foreign Affairs get in the way:
    Whoever lasts the longest gets the budget.

    We'll lasso in Manpower to enlarge it,
    Extend the scope and boundaries of play;
    You can trust the Home Team expert; he won't fudge it.

    I know the Finance figures will begrudge it,
    And yes, there's no assurance this will pay;
    But stay the course and we shall win the budget.

    Health says we're good to go, so don't pre-judge it,
    Just let the Feedback process have its say;
    The ground's too sweet right now for us fudge it.

    Environment's ideal to follow through; let's budge it.
    The extra bonus will more than defray
    our hidden costs. No, it won't blow our budget:
    Now, do your Nation proud, madam. Don't fudge it.

04 June 2004   11:57 hours
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