open (for ABC Open)

    "What use is life, if full of care"

    The news today is choked with euro grief,
    point-scoring remonstrations of belief,
    anxious soundbites, telly-friendly frowns...
    There's sky to spare in Plantagenet, Katanning,
    Albany, Denmark, Cranbrook, storied towns
    with storied names, roots sunk deep as bunkers,
    and beneath them all the dream-lines sing.
    Why cork it all up with talk of bombs and bankers?
    The surf and sound are older than the track.
    The horizon, it goes far enough, and back.
    Wind down the window, let the Great Southern in.
    It's a fine fine Friday, there's a barbie sizzlin'

    We could all use a little more stand and stare.
    With the heart unclosed we'd get somewhere.

16 December 2011   16:09 hours
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