the memory of your taste

    How easily you forget but it was I always
    to stoop to the cup of you, lace lip
    to lip, rehearse tongue-twisters like slurp
    malleable laryngeal slither and o swallow
    and you would wriggle in sibilants
    delectable sheet scribbles every wet lick
    on nosetip and earlobe the hollow of your
    collarbone, sloped syntax of peak and peak, how
    the slick shimmies through plain towards forest
    of fingers tugging at air and hair there, there
    like bud shivering open in heat, like snowmelt
    at first touch of footstep in spring coming
    the same metal and moonlight tang and I eschew
    known names like nectar, mead, ambrosia when all
    bursts in drizzle-juice and ripe pear and pearl
    gumdrops and sweet black sauce and sweat
    mucus-honey and piss-wine and curd o the
    whole sweet cart of woe only the living
    remember to love.

24 September 2001   22:43 hours
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