sea and sky

    In this fluid world, neither of us are drowning.
    You are merely a different bird, whose wings cut
    cleanly through clouded waters; and I, a strange
    fish adrift on rising aerials, a storm looming.
    Still, we are mirror-creatures: You, roaming
    the shoals and shallows, the treacherous reefs
    while I duck thunder, riding this electric air
    in search of hidden sunlight. Soul on soul
    we fly in sync; never touching, save in the briefest
    kiss of cloud on wave. But our peace is not here
    in this churning realm, beset by wind and tide.
    Nor on the stagnant ground of death. Instead
    what calls us both is the far horizon's gaze
    that timeless blue where ocean and heaven meet.

04 October 2001   23:15 hours
real estate { } lost and found