six absences

    Taman Serasi

    Cluny to widen:
    An eating place is eaten
    by road, of all things.

    Paya Lebar Primary

    Uprooted, literally
    by the subterranean wrecking crew
    of raintree, angsana, flame of the forest
    which were of course
    the next to go.

    Yew Court

    It is when I ponder these faux facades
    that I know our city is corrupt
    in meaning, that its intent
    is revision, not remembrance.

    Tanglin Mall

    If only all snow were this transient.
    Angels would never survive their fall,
    much less leave inconvenient evidence
    in visible outline.  Not that it would be
    any more welcome here
    than this confection in foam.

    Hong Lim

    There are more eyes in this island of park
    than will look upon your failures
    and you call that prosperity.


    But you are not going
    to be removed after all, merely
    have your view restricted for a while,
    until they finally put you
    where you can be watched
    at all times.

08 October 2001   22:30 hours
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