s., while in therapy

    Leapt another tall building today.
    Never seem to tire of that stunt, only
    the buildings get higher every time. The police
    hauled me in for questioning, but since I didn't
    break anything they let me off with a warning.
    Didn't tell them about the dented train,
    that near-miss with the 747. These days
    I keep my habits private. I try.

    Actually I've not stopped a real bullet
    for some time now, not in this city. Since we
    all went public. My rivals got day jobs.
    Hear Braniac's new start-up is climbing
    the Fortune 500. Darkseid's advising the
    boys from Defence. And Lex has turned up
    on the cover of Time. Again. Last week
    they cut staff at the paper. My section.

    You'd think a man who could do
    anything, at least could keep
    his woman. Two nights ago she left.
    Said I couldn't open up, let anyone into
    my weakness. Said she wanted children.
    Used the word "Freak". I don't think
    she's coming back this time.

    I don't sleep anymore. I don't dream
    I'm an alien. I remember less and less
    of my childhood, the cornfields in Iowa
    (or was it Kansas?) Sometimes I lie there
    wondering why I was sent here of all places
    instead of a war zone, a revolution,
    another city that still needs a hero.

    I've thought about moving. Of course
    I've taken vacations. Tibet, my Arctic hideout,
    the outer planets. I went to Mars once,
    but there was nothing. Nothing there at all.

11 October 2001   16:47 hours
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