things i learnt playing civilisation 3

    look after your home front, it'll keep you going when you're stretched out and fighting battles far, far away.

    when in doubt, research. knowledge is power.

    always have a line of defence.

    some things just have to be rushed. make sure you have the resources to push them through.

    a long-term project or two can work Wonders.

    always have one-up on your rivals.

    growth is exponential - it will explode in due course, so be prepared for it when it happens.

    you don't have to manage everything yourself, just the key pieces. but don't be afraid to take over if your delegates aren't doing what you need done.

    you don't have to convince/conquer everybody on the map in order to rule the world, just enough of them.

    if no one else cares, you'll just have to care harder to make up the difference.

26 November 2001   18:30 hours
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