Learning is older than he looks, because he is young at heart. He loves children, and can devote hours to be with them, although they often forget about their time together when they grow up. This saddens him somewhat, although he never fails to watch them from behind the scenes in case they need help. Then he steps in and intervenes, often without anyone's knowledge that he is doing so.

    Learning used to work full-time in a school, where he particularly enjoyed small-group teaching, lab work and extra-curricular activities. He would often spend hours after class with students, talking about things outside the syllabus, such as the meaning of life, the value of relationships, and how to comfort the dying. He's acquired quite a reputation - companies now regularly hire him as a consultant, and grown men are turning to him for advice. He's quite pleased about his new work, and it keeps him busy.

    An incorrigible traveller, Learning enjoys solitude, but is not addicted to it. I've bumped into him on vacation many times, travelling alone. When he goes abroad, he brings along very little, although he's comfortably well-endowed. Patient, resourceful and insatiably curious, he trusts the journey to provide whatever he needs.

    You don't need to have known Learning for very long to understand that he's a perpetual optimist. Those who know his father, Experience, say that Learning takes after him. What they often overlook is that Reflection was the mother of Learning, and that his favourite teacher is Joy.

07 April 2002   23:34 hours
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