We've not seen Passion for some time now. Some say that he's gone into hiding, others say he's living in another country, and still others say he's being detained without trial, although no-one knows quite what he's done to warrant this. His absence has raised many eyebrows and quite a few questions. Passion would have liked that. Even back in school when we first knew him, he was always asking awkward questions - the important ones with no easy answers. He dreamed of becoming a public prosecutor for a while, just so he could make people admit what they were really up to, and why.

    We used to have Passion stay over on weekends and during vacations, or when we had something that needed to be done. He was good with projects, excellent with his hands, and brilliant at coming up with unexpected solutions to pressing problems. But he could never wait for things to happen. Back when we were children together, adults used to say that he had poor manners, was brash and worse, naive. Passion never listened. He would keep his folks awake at night, tinkering away in the basement workshop, or spending the night in the study.

    For as long as I've know him, Passion has been a poor house guest. He has no qualms about dropping in at the most inconvenient times, interrupting whatever I am doing, and demanding that I listen to what he has to say. He is obstinate, often tactless, ruthlessly uncompromising, even when he's being put up with, and hates to be patronised - all of which may explain why he gets into trouble ever so often.

    A few years ago while he was doing some mission work, he met Purpose, and was immediately entranced by her. After Passion got engaged to Purpose, he settled into an even rhythm, although he worked harder than ever. That was before we lost sight of him.

    The last time I'd seen Passion, he had fine features, deep-set eyes, and a certain rough charm which drew some people to him, but put others off. He loved strong colours - night black, angel white, bleeding red, thunderstorm blue. If you come across him, please ask him to drop by. Let him know that we miss him - his smile, his playful seriousness, the way he would take you by the hand and show you what you've always wanted to see.

07 April 2002   23:36 hours
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