Purpose is a clearer thinker than anyone I know. She is also the least forgiving of mistakes, but the most compassionate to those who make them. It all depends on where you?re coming from, and whether the error was made from honest ignorance or an attempt to cover things up.

    Because she looks quite youthful and is small in stature, Purpose sometimes gets lost in the background at meetings or mass gatherings. But when she stands up to speak, she appears to tower over everyone in the room. Much older people have been known to be intimidated by her stern, unflinching gaze. Her father was Truth, a famous court judge who taught her to put forward her views clearly and firmly. It's stood her in good stead - she is a powerful speaker, an excellent negotiator, and a natural leader. She has never needed glasses.

    Purpose is not easy to live with, but she is a loyal friend. The men she used to go out with seldom lived up to her high expectations. They were always the ones who made the first move to leave. She's always had this knack of telling people not what they want to hear, but what they need to know, and this disturbs them.

    I can see why Passion and Purpose are so attracted to each other. She's fascinated by his energy and intensity, and he admires her sense of focus, how she can always find her way without making a fuss. She calms and steadies him, and he makes her feel alive.

07 April 2002   23:38 hours
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