Freedom wears her hair in extraordinary braids. Her dark eyes flash with a life none of us have truly seen. She spent some years in the field as a soldier, where she fought alongside other men and women for the same fierce cause. After the fighting Freedom and her comrades were asked to put down their weapons and wait to be called to work. But Freedom was restless, and deeply suspicious of those in power. She walked into the bush again, and started a farm with her own hands. Years later she would teach others too how to plant sweat and reap selves.

    People came from far away to learn her song, but she would only take the ones who already knew how to sing it by heart. Here, she would say to them, take this. Play your music to the weary and the lost and show them how to listen to the land, the wind, the voices of unborn children. Many turned away, puzzled and disappointed, but some heeded her words and became great teachers and mothers.

    The books Freedom writes are stories of her many lives, the wisdom of the road and of the beauty of motion. They are all for her son, whose name is Tomorrow.

03 September 2002   22:12 hours
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