self portrait

    "Currently, the entire US scientific community shares a single deep-sea submersible named Alvin. With just one Alvin, long-range exploration is nearly impossible. Alvin doesn't even know where to go because we don't have a decent map." - Graham S. Hawkes

     "I learn by going where I have to go." - Theodore Roethke


    I learn by doing what I have to do.
    Don't need a map. At most I get
    lost, I've been there before.
    I know my way around a strange city.
    I figured how to swim by falling into
    the pool at Shangri-La and not drowning.
    Years of studying writing taught me
    little but envy. Now I turn
    off the lights and wait for the deep
    and if I don't wake up screaming
    in the morning I have a poem.


01 March 2003   12:52 hours
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